+1 to the various “Holacracy is a stepping stone” responses. I agree.

What I think is more interesting/troubling about this piece is that while we — the medium readers and commenters of this piece — are sitting here debating the merits of transcending a particular form of self organization, the vast majority of press about Holacracy (and public opinion) reflects a rejection and skepticism about distributed authority. Further, the press reads stories like this as a condemnation of new ways of working. That is the biggest risk to this movement right now — that companies who change/evolve regularly will be viewed as case studies for the ineffectiveness of self management. Luckily the proof will be in the pudding in terms of performance, meaning, and experience.

Founder @theready and @murmur, investor, friend to misfit toys. Author of Brave New Work and co-host of the Brave New Work podcast.

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