Introducing Murmur

The Problem

The Solution

  1. We build amazing software on top of code developed by other teams. Why not build a company with personalized policies borrowed from the most famous work cultures in the world?
  2. We create some of the world’s most groundbreaking ideas using processes like design thinking. Why not leverage a proven process for decision-making around working practices that brings teams to consent faster and cultivates a culture of experimentation?
  3. We test-and-learn by deploying a thousand different versions of our digital products. Why not create a feedback loop around every team’s work practices so that we can learn from experience, and each other?
Explore working agreements from world class teams and organizations.

Everything is an agreement.

Every agreement is an experiment.

See what’s working and what isn’t with regular feedback.

Good luck getting my colleagues to agree!

From whence we came.

Meet the team.

What’s different this time?

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Aaron Dignan

Aaron Dignan


Founder @theready and @murmur, investor, friend to misfit toys. Author of Brave New Work and co-host of the Brave New Work podcast.