Thanks for sharing. This is a very common reaction to the growing complexity of a scaling firm. The flatness” which was really just social coordination at small scale becomes chaos in absence of an actual operating system. One solution is to create top down structure, as you have done, but the long term consequences of that will be silos, bureaucracy, and untapped potential in employees. The more challenging but ultimately more rewarding solution is to choose a method of self-organization — to teach the system to structure and regulate itself. Look at WL Gore, Morningstar, or Valve as examples, although there are dozens and dozens. It’s not about “flat,” it’s about a dynamic structure that isn’t created or driven from the top. Onward and upward!

Founder @theready and @murmur, investor, friend to misfit toys. Author of Brave New Work and co-host of the Brave New Work podcast.

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