Totally fair. It’s a real trade off. I wish that the living systems paradigm had something to offer other than DNA, which is so played out as a metaphor and colloquial term. I really do. Unfortunately in my practical experience with clients, nothing gets people to “aha” about their deeply held assumptions, beliefs, processes like “OS.” And with proper guidance they don’t view it mechanistically. They view it as a complex system. In this way I’m using OS far more broadly than the tech world. I’m saying all systems have a code layer — a simple rules layer — that defines how they operate. An underlying operating system. I know that distinction is more in my head than in the field, but it helps me sleep. 🤓

P.S. I like your writing, fwiw.

Founder @theready and @murmur, investor, friend to misfit toys. Author of Brave New Work and co-host of the Brave New Work podcast.

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